Meeting Update


We will be holding our annual Back to School Meeting on Saturday August 12th in the Ballantyne Hotel starting at 9AM. This is the communities chance to meet the new CMS Superintendent, Clayton Wilcox.

Joining him will be other representatives from CMS who will review the accomplishments from the last school year and provide a list of goals for the new school year. This meeting is one that over the years has become one of the most attended meeting we hold.

In addition to the presentation by CMS we have also invited representatives from Wingate University and CPCC to update us on courses being offered at their respective Ballantyne campuses.


As we do every year we set a Saturday date in October so that the public can meet with and talk directly with the candidates running for office. Last years event featured BBQ at the Ballantyne Hotel. This year we are looking at the possibility of again doing a special Chili Cook-Off. Updates will be posted once we have confirmed more details.

South Charlotte Partners Follow Up

On Thursday July 12th we had an evening presentation from 6pm to 8:30 by the Charlotte Planning Department at the Ballantyne Hotel. The topic was the Unified Development Ordinance or UDO and what it may portend for our rural area of Charlotte. It was well attend with several elected officials, business leaders and community representatives attending. It is a topic that needs more vetting and several people signed up to become more involved.

To address some of the concerns that were raised we are in the process of establishing a community focused organization called South Charlotte Alliance of Neighborhoods or SCAN. We are taking the advice of a similar organization that has been successful in representing the communities in and around the SouthPark area. It is called SouthPark Association of Neighborhoods or SPAN. Hilary Greenberg who attend our Thursday meeting is the leader of that organization. She has agreed to be a guest speaker at a future meeting here so she can share with community leaders the benefits and importance of being unified in advocating for the areas communities before the planning department, developers and city council. Expect a follow up on this as the goal is to hold a meeting in September.

In addition the South Charlotte Partners organization has held discussions with members of the business community and other community leaders to begin the process of determining how that organization should be formed. It would of course be supportive of the goals of SCAN and work together in building a strong working relationship.

If anyone has question please contact me at this time. In the future there will be contacts for the SCAN steering committee.

As always I appreciate the opportunity to serve for the betterment of the quality of life we value in South Charlotte.

Ray Eschert


ray eschert

The goal of the Ballantyne Breakfast Club which was founded in 2001 is based on the belief that  "An Informed Community is aBetter Community". The BBC services as an information forum for the South Charlotte - Ballantyne area. Meetings  provide for the sharing of information between the residents, developers, business leaders, elected officials and services providers. Most meeting are scheduled on Saturday mornings at 9:00AM during the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Meeting are held at the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge which is located at 10000 Ballantyne Commons Parkway. We recommend arriving about 8:30AM to have time to socialize and enjoy the free refreshments provided by the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge. All meeting are free and open to anyone wishing to attend no RSVP is required. During the year based on demand special meeting are sometimes scheduled. All meeting information is posted here so please visit for schedules and changes. Meeting information is also published in local media and on

Every year we start our meeting schedules with a unique "Priorities Meeting" which brings together the public and a wide range of elected representatives from the state, county, city and school system. Joining them are senior representatives from our police, fire, sheriff office, school system, transportation officials from NCDOT, CDOT and CATS. Also attending are senior staff from the Planning Department, Water Department, Park & Recreation and others. We also include other important organization to participate like the YMCA, NAACP, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, CRVA, UNCC, CPCC and Wingate University. Closing out the list are local developers and builders who provide updated information on area projects. The meeting is arranged so that each representative group is located at table where the public can meet them and ask questions.

Other meetings during the year will cover education, traffic improvements, area growth & business developments, elected officials & candidates forums and other timely topics.

Thank you for attending our meetings and to the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge for hosting them.

Ray Eschert, Founder

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