The Ballantyne Breakfast Club

Dedicated to the belief that

"An Informed Community is a Better Community"

Updated August 31st 2015

Next  meeting will be on Saturday August 15th

We will meet in the Fairway Ballroom at the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge at 9AM.

This meeting will be an educational special as we have as guest speakers

Ann Clark, Superintendent off CMS

Dr.Tony Zeiss, President of CPCC

Phil Dubois, Chancellor of UNC Charlotte

We will be udpated on a range of topics by our guest speakers including the partnerships both CPCC and UNC Charlotte have with CMS for advanced studies for students and the many education courses available for adults here in here in Ballantyne

Also on hand will be Mark Bryant, Director of the Wingate MBA Program at their Ballantyne Campus and the Assistant Dean for the soon to open CPCC campus in Ballantyne

As with all our meetings they are free and open to everyone to attend. They start at 9AM

and will be held in the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge. Please arrive about 8:30 to have time to enjoy the free refreshments provided by our host

the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge.


Special Thanks for the great turnout for the June 27th meeting where we had an opportunity to meet our new CMPD Police Chief Kerr Putney.



Live from the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge

TWC News will be doing not one but two live debates on Tuesday Aug. 25th

from the hotel. The first debate will feature Republican mayoral candidates,

Scott Stone and Edwin Peacock. That debate will be from 6PM to 7PM.

The next debate will be from 7:30PM to 8:30PM. This debate will feature the Democratic candidates, Michael Barnes, Dan Clodfelter, David Howard and Jennifer Roberts.

The Ballantyne Breakfast Club is honored to host these debates as a

service to City of Charlotte.

For more details contact Ray Eschert at 704-651-1237 or at


A special thanks for the turnout at the April 25th meeting. Feedback on the discussions with the developers, CDOT, NCDOT, CMS and the Charlotte Planning Department has been very positive.

Please remember to check back here for latest updates

All meetings are free and open to the public for more about the Ballantyne Breakfast Club contact

Ray Eschert at 704-651-1237 or at




Yearly Schedule

Meetings dates for 2015 are February, April, June, August, October* & December.

Most if not all meetings will be on the 2nd Saturday of those months. Meetings will be

held at the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge with presentations starting at 9 AM.

Free refreshments will be available starting at 8 AM. Please check here for any

changes to this schedule.

* Candidates Meet & Greet / Chili Cook-Off at the Ballantyne Festival Event

If you wish to continue to be notified via e-mail or be added to the e-mail notification list please send your contact information to



In 2015 the Ballantyne Breakfast Club will start its15th years of service to the community. I would like to thank all of the people who support the meetings by attending for participation, encouragement and support.

My sincere thanks also to the staff and management of the Bissell Companies and the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge for their support of the Ballantyne Breakfast Club since it was started..



About the Ballantyne Breakfast Club

Since 2001 the goal of the Ballantyne Breakfast Club has been to provide the South Charlotte Ballantyne area residents, business leaders, developers, elected officials and services providers with a forum for the exchange of information.

The founders and supporters of the Ballantyne Breakfast Club are committed to this exchange of information so that our area can grow and prosper. Meetings are open to all and there is no cost associated with attending a meeting. Never an RSVP required.

We extend a warm welcome to everyone who is interested in learning more about this exciting and dynamic area of Charlotte to attend our meetings.

Remember information on meeting topics, guest speakers and scheduled meeting dates will be

posted here so please stary current.


Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions

Ray Eschert, Founder

704 651-1237 /