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Living up to our mission statement that "An Informed Community is a Better Community" the next meeting of the Ballantyne Breakfast Club will be on Saturday, May 13th. This meeting will be held in the Fairway Ballroom of the Ballantyne Hotel with presentations starting at 9AM. Please arrive about 8:30 so you have some time to socialize and enjoy the hospitality of our host the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge

This meeting will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the recent change of ownership of Ballantyne Corporate Park to Northwood Office. We will be addressed by Mr.Tom Pizzo, the President of Property Services for Northwood Office who will give us an update on the transition. Joining Tom we will be introduced to Mr.David Ravin, President and CEO of Northwood Raven which is a leading full service and property management firm serving the Southeast. This firm has a well established reputation and large presence in the Charlotte area.

As part of this meeting we also be given a timely update on Waverly which is rapidly moving towards completion. Addressing us will be Mr.Chris Thomas who is a Managing Partner for Retail with Childress Klein. As many of the areas residents are aware Waverly is the largest developmental project South Charlotte has seen since Ballantyne was started in the late 1990's.

Lastly and perhaps one that has generated concerns is the road improvements under construction in support of the developments along Providence and Audrey Kell Road which include Waverly, Rea Farms, Providence Farms and Tilley Morris Road where Pulte Homes is developing Tilley Manor. Most if not all of these road improvements are being paid for by the different developers as a CDOT requirement related to the rezoning approvals. One specific area of concern is the ability of Tilley Morris Road to handle the connection with Audrey Kell Road. We have made arrangements to have two CDOT representatives give us a detailed update and an indication of completion dates.


With the recently sale of the Ballantyne Corporate Park to Northwood there will be a lot of questions on the impact this will have not only in Ballantyne but the South Charlotte area. We are working with the Northwood management team including their CEO Ned Curran and others who are being retained to manage the Ballantyne Corporate Park to set up a meeting to learn more about Northwood.

Once a date has been established it will be updated here and announced in our email notifications.

We will hold our next scheduled meeting in April and our hope is that it may cover the above Northwood topic.


There are some concerns being voiced that as we see more and more urbanization coming to South Charlotte it will affect the suburban quality of life that residents living here and moving here value. While growth is desirable it should be balanced carefully to avoid losing the suburban nature that is South Charlotte. The quality of life that it represents is a contributing factor in it's desirability which is why so many people have chosen to live, work, play, stay and recreate here. Today, there is an ongoing process to address the entire planning and zoning process for the city. This is the UDO or Unified Development Ordnance. It is important that residents become aware of this and be more knowledgeable about the UDO so they can have a voice in the process. To address this there have been discussions about the need to form what I have called the South Charlotte Partnership. An organization that will assist our South Charlotte area in becoming more knowledgeable not only about the UDO but also other issues our area may face. It will also serve to develop a closer relationship with state, county, city schools, department and services leaders so we have a stronger voice in advocating in support of our quality of life.

Moving forward we hope to arrange a special meeting so that members of the Planning Department and the consultant hired for the UDO process can provide details and take questions from the residents.


ray eschert

The goal of the Ballantyne Breakfast Club which was founded in 2001 is based on the belief that  "An Informed Community is aBetter Community". The BBC services as an information forum for the South Charlotte - Ballantyne area. Meetings  provide for the sharing of information between the residents, developers, business leaders, elected officials and services providers. Most meeting are scheduled on Saturday mornings at 9:00AM during the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Meeting are held at the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge which is located at 10000 Ballantyne Commons Parkway. We recommend arriving about 8:30AM to have time to socialize and enjoy the free refreshments provided by the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge. All meeting are free and open to anyone wishing to attend no RSVP is required. During the year based on demand special meeting are sometimes scheduled. All meeting information is posted here so please visit for schedules and changes. Meeting information is also published in local media and on

Every year we start our meeting schedules with a unique "Priorities Meeting" which brings together the public and a wide range of elected representatives from the state, county, city and school system. Joining them are senior representatives from our police, fire, sheriff office, school system, transportation officials from NCDOT, CDOT and CATS. Also attending are senior staff from the Planning Department, Water Department, Park & Recreation and others. We also include other important organization to participate like the YMCA, NAACP, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, CRVA, UNCC, CPCC and Wingate University. Closing out the list are local developers and builders who provide updated information on area projects. The meeting is arranged so that each representative group is located at table where the public can meet them and ask questions.

Other meetings during the year will cover education, traffic improvements, area growth & business developments, elected officials & candidates forums and other timely topics.

Thank you for attending our meetings and to the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge for hosting them.

Ray Eschert, Founder

The Ballantyne Breakfast Club appreciates the generous support of the Bissell Companies and the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge.
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