Meeting Update

At our last meeting on May 13th we received updates from Northwood Office on the change in ownership for Ballantyne Corporate Park, from Childress Klein on the Waverly project and from CDOT on the status of road improvements to Audrey Kell and Providence Road. We thank those representatives for their presentations and participation in addressing questions.

I would like to thank Victoria Nwasike for conducting the meeting on my behalf she did an excellent job.

Our next regular scheduled meeting will be in August which is devoted to an update on "Back To School" which we do every year. Once a date in August is confirmed it will be posted here.

South Charlotte Partners Update

At the May 13th meeting I had an opportunity to share some thoughts on why our South Charlotte area needs to develop the ability to be more involved in advocating for our area's quality of life. Some of what I share was published in an article in the Charlotte Observer. In brief the concerns being raised among residents here and in other areas of Charlotte is the effect that urbanization with its associated density is having on the suburban quality of life. Those of us who live here and those who may decide to move here do so because they appreciate the quality of life the area offers. It is this desirable factor which has created an environment where people can live, work, play, shop, dine and enjoy the many educational and recreational amenities available here. We have been bless with this because of the care taken by the areas business leaders and developers who strive to balance our lifestyle needs vs. the desirability of the quality of life the suburbs offer. To balance this we need to be more proactive with the Planning Department and the developers so that we have a more effective place at the table on future developments / zoning's / area planning.

At present there is a process under way to address the entire planning and zoning process for the city. This is the UDO or Unified Development Ordnance which involves the Planning Department and the consultant hired to provide assistance in the process. It is important that we learn about this and understand how it may impact future urbanization and density for our area. Clearly what we are experiencing now in road congestion, crowded schools and other areas that may become stressed like water and sewer needs are a constant reminder that while growth is good there can be an associated cost to it.

  • To begin the process South Charlotte Partners are working to hold  a community meetings so that residents can learn more about the UDO and begin to have a voice in how it will be developed for our area. (A request for a presentation has been submitted to the Planning Department and once we can confirm a date and time notifications will be sent out and posted here)
  • We are also going to be working on arranging a meeting so that representatives (including HOA's) from the SouthPark Organization can share with us how they have organized to be more involved in growth for that area.
  • Consideration is being to provide more information on what I am calling "Bike to the Future" so residents can have a better understanding on why we need to begin to move away from vehicles to create a city of the future reliant on walking, bikes and mass transit.

This is a lot to undertake and for those who may be interested in learning more or offering assistance in our start up please drop me an email at


ray eschert

The goal of the Ballantyne Breakfast Club which was founded in 2001 is based on the belief that  "An Informed Community is aBetter Community". The BBC services as an information forum for the South Charlotte - Ballantyne area. Meetings  provide for the sharing of information between the residents, developers, business leaders, elected officials and services providers. Most meeting are scheduled on Saturday mornings at 9:00AM during the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Meeting are held at the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge which is located at 10000 Ballantyne Commons Parkway. We recommend arriving about 8:30AM to have time to socialize and enjoy the free refreshments provided by the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge. All meeting are free and open to anyone wishing to attend no RSVP is required. During the year based on demand special meeting are sometimes scheduled. All meeting information is posted here so please visit for schedules and changes. Meeting information is also published in local media and on

Every year we start our meeting schedules with a unique "Priorities Meeting" which brings together the public and a wide range of elected representatives from the state, county, city and school system. Joining them are senior representatives from our police, fire, sheriff office, school system, transportation officials from NCDOT, CDOT and CATS. Also attending are senior staff from the Planning Department, Water Department, Park & Recreation and others. We also include other important organization to participate like the YMCA, NAACP, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, CRVA, UNCC, CPCC and Wingate University. Closing out the list are local developers and builders who provide updated information on area projects. The meeting is arranged so that each representative group is located at table where the public can meet them and ask questions.

Other meetings during the year will cover education, traffic improvements, area growth & business developments, elected officials & candidates forums and other timely topics.

Thank you for attending our meetings and to the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge for hosting them.

Ray Eschert, Founder

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