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Below, find alerts for the Ballantyne Community regarding important topics, such as community events, local rezonings, school updates & safety notices.

Current Notices

Ardrey Kell Road Rezoning

Below is a community notice regarding the rezoning of the 36 acres located on the south side of Ardrey Kell Rd. (just opposite Ardrey Kell High School).

The existing zoning for the 36.7 acres is R-3.  This Petition, 2017-171, as submitted is for MX-2 (innovative) and provides for single family detached homes and townhomes for a total of 245 dwellings, together with accessory uses as allowed in the MX-2 Zoning District.

There was a Community Meeting on November 29th where more details were shared regarding the petition. Here is a link to the Meeting Report.

If you need additional information please contact Mr. John Kinley with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Planning Staff at 704-336-2205 or

Participating in the rezoning process is important because the development of such a large tract of land has the potential to increase the strain on the already congested stretch between North Community House Rd, and Ballantyne Commons Parkway. The community should be able to raise concerns regarding traffic, congestion, necessary road improvements to nearby intersections, increased entrance and exit lanes to the high school, and pedestrian safety including crosswalks and sidewalks.

We will continue to provide updates when they become available.

Please find information on this rezoning from the Charlotte Planning website HERE.

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