South Charlotte Partners


South Charlotte Partners is a new organization created to be a unified voice for the interests of South Charlotte.

It includes a board formed of several community, business, and development leaders working to establish this organization for the benefit of the area. 

Regular updates regarding South Charlotte Partners will be provided during Ballantyne Breakfast Club meetings and via email. Stay tuned!

Mission Statement

South Charlotte Partners' mission is to be a unified voice for the interests of South Charlotte by collaborating, strategizing, and advocating for the best interests of the region. The vision for South Charlotte Partners is to assist in promoting and maintaining the area's quality of life and appeal for being a premier destination to live, work, and play.

Overview of Organization

South Charlotte Partners (SCP) was formed upon recognizing the continued great growth and development taking place and the need to have a unified voice when responding to issues affecting the area. SCP will effectively advocate for matters that have an impact on the day to day lives of people who work, play, and live in the vicinity. It will be a catalyst, facilitator, and promoter of ideas and concerns to ensure that we continue to have a shared vision and maintain a strong and vibrant future. 

SCP will be comprised of dedicated community leaders in the areas of land development, housing, education, transportation, business, parks and recreation, and city/county officials. These individuals will be tasked with staying abreast of current and future activities, developing strategies, devising a strong message, and advocating at various venues, including zoning hearings, city council/county meetings, and school board meetings.

Additionally, SCP will act as a clearing house, inquiring and following-up on outstanding questions and concerns with relevant parties and effectively disseminating information.

The formation of SCP will fill a void in the region and will assist the community in navigating the numerous opportunities and obstacles that comes along with the current and projected growth. As a part of the Charlotte community we look forward to collaborating with others and continuing to contribute significantly to the region's success.